Meet Head Chef Scott Reynolds

With years of culinary experience, The Sebel Mandurah's Head Chef, Scott Reynolds, brings a dynamic and innovative energy to the hotel's function and events catering and delicious breakfast menus. 

His determination to continuously learn and explore his craft has resulted in extensive knowledge of Mandurah and the Peel Region's best local produce. 

Read on to learn more about Chef Reynold's passion for outstanding dining experiences.

Q&A with The Sebel Mandurah's Head Chef, Scott Reynolds

What (or who!) originally inspired you to be a chef?

I would have to dedicate this to my best friend from my youth, Jacob. We both started TAFE to become chefs as we both had passion for cooking. As a child I had to cook a lot due to my mother being ill frequently.

Unfortunately Jacob passed at a young age during the course. His passing gave me even more reason to become a driven chef and accomplish the goal that we had set for ourselves. I have never looked back.

What lessons did you take from your early experiences?

During my youth I found an outlet for my teenage angst in cooking. I would throw pots and chopping boards and lose my temper. But it was also through cooking that I learned patience with my surroundings - whether it was with people or the cooking process. I credit my love of cooking for making me a better person.

As a Mandurah local, what Peel Region produce excites you the most? What do you love to cook with?

I have lived in Mandurah for seven years now. One of the reasons I was convinced to move here was the access to amazing local fishing. Whether it be tailor, herring or crab, I enjoy catching and using local seafood in different dishes.

What do you think makes Mandurah such a vibrant dining destination?

Mandurah has some of the best water views around. These views, accompanied with outstanding local produce, makes for a winning destination for both locals and tourists.

What is one ingredient you couldn’t live without?

I think garlic is one of the most valuable ingredients. To me, when used correctly, it combines flavours together as a beautiful bonding ingredient. When used by itself it offers amazing flavour as well as natural healing properties for our body.

What are your influences/ tell us about your cooking style?

I am definitely Asian and Italian influenced. I particularly love central Asian flavours like chili, lime and lemongrass. They are so opposite in flavour but together a chemistry process begins making a great base flavour for a lot of different dishes.

When it comes to the Italians, what they have been able to create over the years with tomatoes is fantastic. Today’s cuisine wouldn’t be the same without those Italian influences.

When you go out to eat in your spare time, what is your favourite cuisine? Nothing beats a good steak from Western Australia’s South West, cooked correctly on a char grill with a house-made sauce.